Kaunas Vocational School of Household Services and Business

Our school was founded in year 2000, after joining Kaunas Vocational School of Household Services and Business and Kaunas Tricot School info on institution which was established in 1966. Kaunas Vocational School of Household Services and Business is located in Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania. Currently, our school has over 850 students, 64 teachers and 50 administration staff. Our school is a training institution which operates to provide vocational and secondary education. The duration of the studies varies between 2 to 3 years: the school system is based on two levels, depending on whether the students enter the school after obtaining basic or secondary education. Nowadays the list of specialty programs in our school include: trade consultants of industrial enterprises, insurance consultants, providers of small business services, tailors, cutter-designers, nursemaids, visual advertisement producers, florists, hotel workers, ceremonies managers, sport club managers and travel agents. Our school has three departments: gymnasium, household services and business. Each student has choice of a study program according to his or her educational background and personal priorities. They appreciate to become part and develop innovative, open-minded projects, which prepare their students, while active individuals/citizens in community. This preparation passes for if involving in rich, multicultural activities and that they allow them to make learning to act in their communities spreading to know. They are trying to make more interesting formal education, using non-formal education methods, so everything, that is related to the non-formal education methods into the formal education is very interesting. The main thing is that all knowledge could be applied in practice.

Coordinator Website: https://www.verslas.kaunas.lm.lt/